Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gerbils for sale!

Gerbils for Sale! I have a pair of one black female and one Agouti female! I am asking $20 for the pair of girls. They were born on July the 7th. So they are a little over 4 months old! Here is a photo of them!  If you want more photos email me and specifically ask for photos I will send you more! 

                                     If you are interested contact me at:

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  1. Hi would you sell just the brown one because I bought one a while back and she is depressed without a friend and we already have 4 others but are 2 for each of my brothers and male and she's female and I only want one and I would like to enter shows but mine doesn't qualify but I saw an exact same one that qualifies so if you could please email me and if your intent on selling them as a pair I'm willing to get both i have to get my parents on board with me getting MABYE two but there easy to persuade so please email me ASAP @ thnx