Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Angle and Samson

Angle and Samson are happily married and loving each others company! Today I took out the divider in the cage and immediately they got along like they had grown up together! I am very excited to see what happens over time! The are a good match for each other.
Angle is the Black and white Pied gerbil, Samson is the Agouti ! It will be interesting to see what colors the babies will be! 

Gerbils love to burrow and play in there bedding !  I always like to put enough for them to have fun in.! 

Cardboard tubes make fun entertainment and bedding material for gerbils. It is fun to watch how fast one gerbil can chew the entire roll up in less then 5 minutes. Gerbils need to chew and I have found that they love paper tubes!

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